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To Do List Power The Science of Lists for Productivity, Success and Focus

How to create a high quality and performance based Master To Do List

Five Ways To Maximize Your Time, Elevate Your Game, Avoid Burn Out and Thrive With The Science of Routines

Capture the thinking that goes on inside your head, remember, create ideas and watch your ideas come to life through the creation of a MindMap, Sleep routines, and rewire your brain through lateral thinking


The Art of Time Blocking and The Immutable Law of 168 Hours​

Learn How To Accomplish The 20% Tasks That Deliver 80% of Your Results and how TOP EXECUTIVES like Rosalind Brewer, Jeff Bezos, and Tim Cook get so much done in the same 24


How To Build A Successful Not For Profit​

Learn What Successful Non-Profits Do To Build Success, Sustainability and Acquire Funding


Peak Performance

Learn how to get in the flow to maximize productivity

Filament Bulb

Schedule A Private Session 

To arrange a private consultation, click the appropriate link to see what is included and schedule:


Time Management Session

  • To discuss your time management needs and outline solutions.

  • Identification of Time Hacks (what is draining their time). 

  • Design Focus, Responsive, Me and Dedicated blocks based on your schedule.

  • Review 168 hour worksheet to determine where to make adjustments. 


Time Management for Parents

  • Consultation to discuss Time Management in the new “Normal.” How to design time for you to accomplish your goals while homeschooling.


Business Development

  • Private Consultation meeting with Dr. Sandi to discuss your work, goals and business growth needs. Outline a plan for success, increase productivity and make money


Build Your Life Plan

  • Dr. Sandi will walk you through the development of your LIFE PLAN. A blueprint to Live Your Best Life based on your goals, and Why.


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