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B.O.S.S. Mastermind is a powerful group led by Dr. Sandi Williams and Dr.Colona Roberts both documented 7 figure income earners, who arecommitted to helping you achieve your goals individually and collectively. We
share knowledge and experience with you to solve problems, develop ideas for success, create successful strategies for business growth that work, stay focused and plan for financial success.

It is a 3-month program to elevate your business to Exponential Growth!

We only take 10 Women each 3- month session. 

No exceptions

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The short story is that I have never worked for anyone my entire career over 35 years. That’s right, NEVER punched a clock. I have owned 4 companies, the first company annual income was 998, 995.50 (2 dollars short of $1,000,000) in the first 2 years of business. My current business has a division in the United States and Africa with 7 figure net revenue. I have consulted with companies in various disciplines resulting with them raising millions of dollars $$ and building successful businesses. I currently consult with multiple small businesses across the United States; One as Chief Development Officer for an International Not for Profit operating in 40 states and 4 Countries. My company is one of 91 Businesses featured in multiple news outlets including BET that worked together and earned 41 Million in A 12 month Period during Covid 19. I have read every classic personal development book ever written…. learned and applied the principles. The best thing that ever happened to me was when I found a mentor who taught me what he knew —disciplines, routines and strategies – HOW TO MASTER MY TIME and HOW TO BUILD A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS. I followed and so did my SUCCESS. I have a Ph.D. in psychology with honors (studied, researched and documented how people succeed when they “Get it,” TIME IS YOUR MOST VALUABLE RESOURCE). 


-Dr. Sandi Williams

Meet Dr. Colona Roberts


Dr. Colona Roberts journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur began at the age of seventeen, when she started selling clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories to her peers and the teachers at her high school. Her profits quickly grew to a minimum of $6,000 a week which made it possible for her to rent a space to sell her items.

As her finances grew so did her interest in real-estate, and she began purchasing homes that was selling for a maximum of twenty-five thousand dollars, that today are worth up to $300,000. After graduating college, she started her career as a teacher, while still maintaining her thriving retail, and real-estate business. Dr. Roberts taught in Philadelphia for twenty-eight years, and served as a Principal for twelve years. Dr. Roberts took the money made
from the center, obtained and renovated her first commercial property, which has grown to three Smart Centers of Child Development and Technology Education, as well as a Private Academic Academy certified kindergarten to grade twelve. Dr. Roberts acquired, and renovated multiple commercial buildings, and quickly became the go to person, for those interested in business, real-estate, and entrepreneurship. The latter was all done without having a business partner or borrowing from a bank, or individuals.


Living a debt free lifestyle is something she has mastered. Dr. Roberts did not reach millionaire status by relaxing, and not maximizing her skills. She knew that creating multiple streams of income through business ownership, real-estate, and personal investments was a way to acquire wealth. Dr. Roberts is a published author, her books “CHANGE” and “The Blue Print, Doing Business the Right Way” is used by educational leaders and, entrepreneurs. In 2019 Dr. Roberts established the Legacy Publishing Group to help aspiring writers get their books published. Dr. Roberts currently teaches a Child Development Associate class at PennGSE Penn Literacy Network, and her current real-estate project involves the construction of 40 condominiums, built on debt free land that she owns. Dr. Roberts will not just tell you how to reach millionaire status, she can show you, and is excited to share what she has mastered, and so much more. 

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